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Can we call a truce?

...*holds up little white flag* I surrender.

HEY! yesterday was St. Patrick's Day WHICH MEANS it was my birthday yesterday! *spins* I had a lovely party at Rose's house with some great friends,plenty o' good cosplay and food to go around.

I arrive,In a blue wig HEEEE HAHAHA.

I cosplayed as Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion,Rose made the school jumper was rather...short *wore her jeans under it* was great. The gifts were so great,I got a Hip-Hop-Hamster and some calenders and an Amano Artbook,ALSO the GorillaZ LP! As in the RECORD *stoked* Rose got Marylin Manson's Biography,enough Ramen to last her about 4 nuclear winters and..Condoms. HAHAHA. She also got a rad fairy maker book. We went to a sushi bar as well (Rose,your mom is NUTS at driving) And I played Dance Dance Revolution for the first time and..Sucked Ass on Basic. Go me!

Go visit my site,I am bored.
I'll be a good girl,I promise.
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