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.."Casey,when did you become Sigourney Weaver?"

I love that quote (refer to Topic line above)

I return.

...With a Kidney infection the size of Compton,Erlackh~

Weekly synopsis:
  • School sucks,I have no art class anymore,and I also have a Migraine,I ALSO have a WW1 project in history AND a science test,AGH..I swear I will take the papercutter handle off and attack Gurrerro with it...Which reminds me!

  • Speaking of malicious intent to kill off DHHS's faculty with a papercutter handle....The High Priestess of l337 (Natalie) did something VERY nice for me on Saturday..She bought me The Faculty on DVD.

    let me explain a little something here,The FacultyIs the movie I have bugging fellow friendly-friend Kasey for since Christmas since I knew she had a copy of it,so I did everything,begged,pleaded,sacrificed small animals,prayed to roadkill,poked her with a spoon,etc, our convos daily went like this:


    Kasey:No Robin..I don't have it.


    See? See how bad it was getting? Well,just when i had given up all hope,m'friend Natalie took me to the mall. and THERE LO AND BEHOLD...

    THE FACULTY:Take us to your teacher (Only 28.99!)

    A DVD COPY! RIGHTEOUS! I take out wallet and a little moth flies out NO MONEY! Fornicate. Well, Natalie bought it for me and in exchange I bought her a necklace and a patch for the date she had that night (GO DANE AND NATALIE,w00t!) I shall pay ye back dear Natalie. God bless ye Lil' Tim.

    ..The movie itself is so incredibly stupid that I love it to death. There is something about destroying little(well,in some cases not so little) mitochrondrial Body-snatching hellraisers from Venus using ground up caffiene pills and (quoting Josh Hartnett) "other household shit" by taking a tube of it and jabbing it ever so....Manneristicly (God i'll look this one up,lazy people) into their eye,turning the accursed person into a dusty corpse.Nice.

    ...Can't say it didn't do much for Elijah's girlish scream.

    Oh LORD and don't even GET me started on Jordana Brewster,superficial twit.

  • This journal is brought to you by, Rose-chan. Who had to move her journal away from peeping eyes...

  • The letter "Q" ownz you

  • ....Ok,sides officially hurting and head swelling up,Must run away.
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