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Maybe it's something I ate...or at least i'm praying it is...

The crust in your eyes. The drool in the corner of your mouth. The messy hair...

Sleep. it's a beautiful thing.

And it's something I need more of,I haven't slept int he past 23 hours,and I have reason to.

I am afraid to dream.

...That sounded REALLY teen angsty didn't it? Damn.

Well,lately,my dreams have been REALLY horrible,and I mean,REALLY horribly twisted and strange,ussually involving the following:
  • Me doing horribly twisted and strange acts of mutilation towards other and/or myself.

  • Brains,just in the most random places.Almost a cozy Hannibal scenario


  • Elijah Wood

  • .....*shudders* 3 weeks,running. All these..messed up dreams..taking it's toll....Gaaaaaahhhhnnnlksdfjdksljfkjdkfjlksdjfld....
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